Teen Anglers  Tournament Series

Teen Anglers, Inc. has created a fishing circuit for the High School Fishing Clubs that has taken the industry by storm. Three qualifying tournaments with a championship in June. This will be a great opportunity for the students to hone their skills with a competitive edge and to promote the sport of bass fishing to the young anglers of today.

Teen Anglers, Inc. has compiled a set of rules from the laws State of Missouri and boater safety regulations at http://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/MSHPWeb/WaterPatrol/. The Missouri Department of Conservation fishing regulations can be found at http://mdc.mo.gov/, and standard rules set forth by the bass tournament industry. 

Each year the scheduling gets tough, due to gathering the area tournament schedules to maximize the amount of boaters that can volunteer for the students. We have to take in consideration of the school athletic sports schedules. It has been determined that the spring is the best for maximum participation. 

Join The Trail

After having a very good meeting with board members and discussions about the past season. We are proud to announce that we are moving in an independent direction. We are opening up the membership and competition to any middle school and high school aged students in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, & Kansas. All participants must be a registered member of Teen Anglers to compete. We will have a membership fee and a small entry fee. Registration is open. Check out registration information

Fish 2 Win

There will be three divisions with tournaments each spanning 3 different lakes between the months of March & June with Championship in June 2016 and a midwest shootout in October. Details coming soon on incentives page. Check out the Incentives and Sponsors.



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— News From The Tournament Trail —

Dover, Essick win Teen Anglers Championship

Posted by on June 20, 2016


 Reeds Spring High School anglers Brittin Dover and Colton Essick won the 2016 Teen Anglers Championship at Table Rock Lake with 10 bass weighing 28.44 pounds.

Kimberling City, Mo.—Reeds Spring High School anglers Brittin Dover and Colton Essick served Table Rock Lake bass a steady diet of spoons and jigs to win the 2016 Teen Anglers Championship June 18-19.

 The Reeds Spring team caught a two-day total of 10 bass weighing 28.44 pounds to win the high school division of the championship and collect scholarship money totaling $2,500 ($1,250 for each angler). “We just used a lot of teamwork,” Essick said. “We knew where the fish were and we just put it on them.  

Dover said they developed their winning game plan during practice when they caught bass early on a 3/4-ounce flutter spoon and later in the day homemade peanut-butter and jelly color jigs (ranging in size from 1/4 to 3/4 of an ounce) tipped with green pumpkin Yamamoto Hula Grubs produced bigger fish.  “We have been fishing for a lot of weekends in a row, “said Essick of their prefishing for the championship.

The first competition day the Reeds Spring duo keyed on main lake docks and standing timber where they caught bass suspended 15 to 30 feet deep over depths of 19 to 50 feet.  Their five-fish limit weighing 15.47 pounds gave them the lead for the first day.

The next day they relied on the same pattern to catch their fish but the action was a little slower.  “We were spooning in the early morning and went about an hour without catching any off the docks,” Dover said.   “Then after that we were getting pretty scared but we kept throwing those spoons and hitting docks and then it started going good.”  In the next hour they completed a limit and then switched to the jigs to catch kicker fish to upgrade their limit.  Their strategy paid off again as they weighed in a 12.97-limit to clinch the championship.


Hillcrest High School anglers Colton Stoker and Garrett Moeller and boat captain Rich Elbert show the crowd the limit of bass Stoker and Moeller caught on Day 2 to finish second in the 2016 Teen Anglers Championship at Table Rock Lake. 

A spoon pattern also worked for Hillcrest High School anglers Garrett Moeller and Colton Stoker who finished second with 10 bass weighing 25.70 pounds and earned $2,300 in scholarship money.   “Basically we were just throwing spoons on deep docks (30 to 60 feet) and we were catching the fish mostly in 15 to 20 feet deep,” said Stoker of their first-day strategy.   “We went out and threw a jig on a point and caught two small smallmouth but we gave it up.”  They decided to stick with their original game plan of throwing  Strike King Sexy Spoons along docks and finished the day with a 12.86-limit to move into third place.

The Hillcrest team went back to the spoon pattern the final day and had some early success. “We had two keepers the first dock we pulled up on in probably 10 casts,” said Moeller. “We also had our limit by about 8:30 or 9 o’clock. So it gave us confidence early in the day.”   They brought a 13.84-limit to the scales to move up to second place.


 Kris Wagner and Austin Ely of Ozark High School took third place in the 2016 Teen Anglers Championship by catching 10 bass weighing 23.72 pounds. 

Ozark High School anglers Austin Ely and Kris Wagner also relied on Strike King spoons both days to take third place with 10 bass weighing 23.72.  “The spoon bite was a lot stronger (Saturday) morning,” Wagner said.  “We were just kind of jigging the spoon up and letting it fall around docks.  We would let the spoon fall to about 35 feet around standing timber and then just sweep it along the way.” They caught a limit weighing 11.91 to move into 10th place the first day.

Ely said they had a limit by about 9 o’clock the second day while working their spoons around docks and standing timber again. They finished the day with 11.81 pounds to jump into third place and collect $2,200 in scholarship money.

In the middle school competition, Sam Englemeyer of Logan-Rogersville was the winner of Day 1 with one bass weighing 4.78 pounds. Strafford’s Jacob Schofield won the Day 2 contest with two bass weighing 3.73 pounds.

The championship attracted 146 teams (292 high school and 40 middle school competitors) representing 57 schools.

For the full results of the championship, visit www.teenanglers.net.

2016 Teen Anglers Championship Information

Posted by on June 13, 2016

Hello Teen Anglers.

Here are a few things about our Teen Anglers Championship on June 18-19 at Table Rock Lake.

1st. Location. Port of Kimberling in Kimberling City. Take off will start at 6am in the back of the Whats Up Dock Cove. from that location only. No take offs from anywhere. This is the traditional way.

2nd. The weigh in will be at the same location from the take off. In the Back of What's Up Dock Cove. Our Lews weigh in trailer will be at the edge of the water. There will not need to be any trailering of boats. This is a perfect bank and calm waters to dock the boats.

3rd. Pre-Fishing. June 16-17 (Thursday-Friday) will be the allowed days to pre-fish for the tournament championship.

4th. Raffle Tickets must be turned in by June 17th. You can turn them in at the LEWS offices or mail them to

Teen Anglers/LEWS 
3031 N Martin Ave. 
Springfield Mo 65803

LAST. we will be having our Next Generation Seminar at Bass Pro tonight at 6pm. Andrew Sell will be discussing Table Rock Lake and have some Great Tips on how to catch some large bass for the upcoming Teen Anglers Championship.

For questions please email us at teenanglers@lews.com

Have a Great Day & Good Fishing Everyone. 


Glendale High School juniors Wade Beeson and Grant Harris won the Teen Anglers bass circuit’s season finale at Stockton Lake with a 14.16-pound limit. 

Stockton, Mo.—The last cast of the day made winners of Glendale High School juniors Grant Harris and Wade Beeson in the Teen Anglers bass tournament season finale May 22 at Stockton Lake. 

Teen Anglers, Inc. is a Not for Profit Organization designed for enhancing the Multi-State Middle & High School Fishing Programs, to help promote the sport of bass fishing to the young anglers of today.

We want to thank Lews, Bass Pro, Academy Sports & Outdoors, ProGuide Batteries, Sportsmans Factory Outlet & many others for making this possible. 

Teen Anglers, Inc. 3031 N. Martin Ave. Springfield, MO 65803 (417) 522-1095 teenanglers@lews.com