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Stockton Tournament Information

Posted by on May 18, 2016

Hello Teen Anglers,

We want to send out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all of the Seniors Graduating for 2016. Everyone on the Teen Anglers Staff are wishing you all the Very Best on your New Adventures.

Now, the fun stuff. Our Third qualifying event is upon us. The weigh-in will take place at the Stockton Dam, by the ball field. There are two entrances to the dam and only one black top road going down to the weigh in area. You can only park on one side of the road. There will be persons there to help show where to park. The take off will be like Table Rock, you can launch anywhere on the lake, not just Crab Tree. Remember the mile long bridge(215) will be closed during that time. So you will have to make adjustments. Remember you are not allowed to fish until your designated time. Also, you will have to be at the weigh in site at your designated time as well. The times are as follows.

1-40 6:00am -3:00pm
41-80 6:15am -3:15pm
81-120 6:30am -3:30pm
121-160 6:45am -3:45pm
161-200 7:00am -4:00pm

Please email your registration/rosters to teenanglers@lews.com
if you haven't already. I just need the roster.

Every angler is required to pay the $10 for the 50/50 pot. Those that have paid will receive their numbers friday night. Those that have not will receive their numbers at registration Saturday night when you check in. These funds are going into the scholarship account and back to the clubs on the payback places. So the more tickets you sell, the more scholarships we can award for the up coming years and the more we can give the bass clubs.

Our Saturday night registration will be at the Woods Supermarket parking lot in Stockton, from 5-7 pm. Those needing to register on Sunday. Same place but from 5-6 am. Also, we will have Raffle tickets for the some of the teams to pick up there as well.

Please tell all of the local businesses and sponsors a BIG THANK YOU, when you see them. Remember none of this would be possible without the help and support of everyone involved.

So, the fish are biting and this event is going to be a BLAST!!! Be Safe Traveling. We look forward to seeing everyone.

Ozark High anglers win at Table Rock

Posted by on April 19, 2016

By John Neporadny Jr.

 Kimberling City, Mo.—Relying on a lure they rarely throw paid off in a victory for Ozark High School anglers Brennan Banks and Sawyer Collins during the Teen Anglers bass tournament April 17 at Table Rock Lake.


Ozark High School’s Brennan Banks (left) and Sawyer Collins won the Teen Anglers tournament April 17 at Table Rock Lake.

Banks and Collins caught all six of their keepers on Keitech swimbaits and finished the day with a five-fish limit weighing 17.24 pounds to win the high school division of the Teen Anglers event.  Banks also caught the tournament’s biggest bass, a 6.11-pound largemouth. 

Both anglers admitted they seldom throw a swimbait at Table Rock. “I know a lot of people who do (fish a swimbait) but I haven’t done it a lot here,” Banks said. 

Tournament Information Change

Posted by on April 16, 2016

We are changing a few things, do to the fact we have several new participants. We are going to stagger the fishing times and the weigh-in times.

These are the new weigh-in times:

1-40   6:30-6:30

41-80 6:45-3:45

81-120 7:00-4:00

121-160  7:15-4:15

161-Up 7:30-4:30

You may be on the water and at your fishing spot before your time to fish, You may not fish until your designated time. You must be at the First Baptist Church Ministry Center (161 Heavens Way) East Campus before your ending time on the flight. This should give anglers plenty of time to get tothe weigh-in location. The scales will open at 2 PM for early arrivals.

Be careful crossing Kimberling City Bridge.This could be a huge time delay, so plan ahead.

Thank you for participating int he Teen Anglers. We look forward to seeing everyone.

This is the game plans for our up and coming Teen Anglers Event at Table Rock Lake. We have had several request on being a New Teen Anglers Member. With that being said we have had decided to assign boat numbers for weigh-in. Everyone will be able to launch anywhere on Table Rock Lake. You will have to be at the weigh in location by your designated time, listed below.


Teen Anglers,

We have some VERY EXCITING news to announce!!!!

The Terrell Family, owners of Anglers in Action, have just announced that the winner of the June Teen Anglers Championship will be able to compete in the 2016 Anglers in Action Tournament of Champions. How Amazing!!!

The 2016 Anglers in Action Tournament of Champions will be held at Grand Lake on November 5-6.

These students will be competing against some of the Best Anglers in the Midwest, and also competing for a brand new Ranger Z519 with a 225 outboard.

Anglers in Action offers anglers the opportunity to fish competitive team tournaments on their home waters in Missouri And Oklahoma.

Thank you so much, Anglers in Action, for letting our Teen Anglers have an opportunity of a Lifetime.