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Looks like Christmas time is coming back. The weather is going to play a HUGE Factor on our 1st Teen Anglers Event at Lake Ozark. After visiting with weather persons. We have decided to cancel the event for Saturday and make a Super Tournament on Sunday. I will combine the North And South together. You need to be registered in the 50/50 pot for both North and South Divisions in order for your points to go on both divisions. If you are not registered for both. I will be at Lake Ozark PB2 Friday at 3:30pm until 7 pm and at 6am until 8am on Saturday. To help with registrations.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but we believe in Safety and Young Anglers having a Great Experience.

Please feel free to email me at 

Be safe. See you Sunday. 

Congratulations to Alex Garoutte for winning the casting contest. Special Thank You goes out to Brian Snowden, HS Anglers and their Head Coaches for taking the time to be apart of the Bass Pro Shops Tournament Of Champions.

Great Times at the JQH.




Teen Anglers Vs. Elite Pro Brian Snowden

Posted by jps on January 15, 2017




Teen Anglers Compete Against Elite Pro Brian Snowden

Posted by jps on January 13, 2017


Excited to Announce that:

Alex Garoutte. Kicakpoo
Wade Beeson. Glendale
Calvin Tinsley. Hillcrest
Devon Rathbun. Parkview
Austin McClary. Central

These five Teen Anglers from Springfield Schools will be competing in a casting contest against BassMasters Elite Angler Brian Snowden. This contest will take place Saturday Night of the TOC around 6pm, just before the Dunk Contest.

So come and support our Teen Anglers in the contest and let's talk fishing.

Great Times at the JQH. 

Hello Teen Anglers. Last night was an Amazing night at the Tournament of Champions. Tonight is going to be even better. Games start at 4:30. The Teen Anglers Catch A Fish contest starts at halftime of the 2nd game which is around 6:30.

We have a Very Special Announcement we will be posting shortly. Can't wait to share