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Arkansas Division Norfork Results

Posted by jps on March 22, 2017

The results are posted from the Arkansas Lake Norfork.

Congratulations to Tyler Ward and Noah Burgess of Ozark on taking 1st place.

The results for our Middle School Division:

Congratulations to Jackson Stevens of Lindbergh on taking 1st place.

1. Jackson Stevens. 6:33
2. Brock Rogers. 4:08
3. Jake Lange. 3:78

Looking forward to our event at Truman on April 1-2 and then back to Arkansas on BullShoals on April 9.

Be Safe Young Anglers and Good Fishing.

Reschedule Notice

Posted by jps on March 17, 2017


Do to the cancelling of the tournament at Lake O. This put us in a very uncomfortable situation.

I truly didn't want to cancel the tournament. But made over 15 different phone calls throughout the day to weather persons. Everyone said bad weather was coming in the area. I visited with some of our sponsors and other members then made the call to cancel. Then look at what happened on the weather. Sunny. Unbelievable. You know if we had the tournament we would have gotten 12" of snow and made Snow Angels on the front deck of our boats. My main concern were the safety of all the children, families, and spectators. Especially when your dealing with 200+ teams.

I have been in visits with different groups and we have worked out a reasonable solution to hopefully make everything work. We are going to cancel Smithville lake tournament on April 2 and move the tournament to Truman lake out of Long Shoal. We will have the south division on the 1st and North division on the 2nd of April. Then we will be having our North Division Championship Tournament at Lake O on Sunday Oct 1. This will be some Amazing Fishing.

The regattas have been approved today. Since all of the weekend schedules are crazy and over booked. This is the only time we could reschedule the make up tournaments, do to several other large events in the Lake O area and other events in different areas. Everyone wanted to make sure we were still going to Lake O. The other dates will all stay the same. The Mark Twain Lake will just be a qualifying event, instead of the championship.

This will definitely be some fun times for fishing for all the High and Middle School Anglers.

Thank You to everyone for all the support.

Let's Go. FISHING. 



Hello Teen Anglers.

Unfortunately the weather is definitely not going to cooperate this weekend for all of us at Lake Ozark. I have been in contact with several weather persons and it is not looking very good on the weather. With that being said we are going to CANCEL our Teen Anglers event for Saturday and Sunday.

Sometimes in business you have to make hard choices whether good or bad. Our main concern for our Young Anglers and their Families is SAFETY.

However we are in the middle of rescheduling this event later in the year. So no worries on your 50/50 or registrations. They will be applied to that event.

Thank You to everyone for being apart of our Teen Anglers.

Be Safe and Good Fishing. 


Looks like Christmas time is coming back. The weather is going to play a HUGE Factor on our 1st Teen Anglers Event at Lake Ozark. After visiting with weather persons. We have decided to cancel the event for Saturday and make a Super Tournament on Sunday. I will combine the North And South together. You need to be registered in the 50/50 pot for both North and South Divisions in order for your points to go on both divisions. If you are not registered for both. I will be at Lake Ozark PB2 Friday at 3:30pm until 7 pm and at 6am until 8am on Saturday. To help with registrations.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but we believe in Safety and Young Anglers having a Great Experience.

Please feel free to email me at 

Be safe. See you Sunday. 

Congratulations to Alex Garoutte for winning the casting contest. Special Thank You goes out to Brian Snowden, HS Anglers and their Head Coaches for taking the time to be apart of the Bass Pro Shops Tournament Of Champions.

Great Times at the JQH.